LZD-2 Digital Controlled Asphalt Penetrometer

LZD-2 Digital Controlled Asphalt Penetrometer

The Digital Temperature Controlled Asphalt Penetrometer is used for measuring needle penetration of consistency of bituminous sample such as road asphalt, bituminous liquid and residuum of bituminous emulsion after vaporized.


1. Measuring range: ≥40mm, measuring errors: ≤±1% 

minimum division: 0.1mm

2. Plunger mass: 47.5g±0.05g

3. Standard needle mass : 2.5g±0.05g

4. Weights: 50g±0.05g

5. Specimen container : Flat-bottomed container: Ø70 x 45mm, Ø55 x 35mm

6. Flat-bottomed temp. controller:

Heating power: 300W 

Utensil capacity : >1.5L, height : >80mm

7. Spotlight : 25W/220V

8. Level adjustment device on platen

9. Weight : 10kg



7×24 熱 線